Carrollton Bankruptcy Attorney

Carrollton Bankruptcy Attorney

Carrollton Bankruptcy AttorneyAre you avoiding bill collectors and collection lawyers in Carrollton, Texas?  Debt collections can be relentless, calling you at home, after hours, and at work.  Your friends, family, and neighbors may also be getting calls about your debts.  I have even had clients tell me that a collection agent showed up at their house.  If you don’t find a way to stop them eventually they may sue you, attempt to seize your property, and drain your bank accounts.  You don’t have to put up with creditor harassment.

Take Control of your Financial Future

There is a way to make creditor harassment stop.  The Bankruptcy Code is federal statute designed to give people relief from debt.  Upon filing, an automatic stay goes into effect.  This stay is a federal injunction preventing creditors from attempting to collect from you.  This means that:

  • all collection efforts stop immediately
  • lawsuits against you end without a judgment
  • attempts to repossess your vehicles cease
  • foreclosure sales against your property are cancelled
  • writs of garnishment against your bank account and wage are lifted

Basically, your creditors are required to leave you alone, and collect debt incurred before filing through the bankruptcy court, and in bankruptcy cases the creditors get paid little or nothing.  Speak with a Carrollton bankruptcy lawyer to learn more.

Meet with a Carrollton Bankruptcy Attorney for a Free ConsultationFresh Start

I understand that you have a lot of questions.  Don’t rely on the internet for answers.  Bankruptcy rules are built upon state statute which vary from state to state, so even if you get accurate information about bankruptcy it may not apply to you in the jurisdiction in which you live.  You need to speak with a lawyer with experience filing bankruptcy  for individuals where you live.  Consultations are free.  Call today to meet with a Carrollton bankruptcy attorney.  The only thing you have to lose is your debt.