Want to Attract the Opposite Sex? Avoid Debt.

Wipe Out DebtI’m a man so this is written from a male point of view.  Most men are under the impression that to attract women they must spend a lot of money on dates, gifts, and clothing to impress women.  This may be true to some degree.  What woman wouldn’t like to go out to a nice restaurant, be given jewelry, or be impressed with a well dressed man.  In the short term, women may be impressed with these things, but no woman is impressed with a man who lets debt get out of control or is buried in credit cards or pay day loans.

Men need to find a way to balance their spending habits while dating with their income.  If a man can’t afford his spending habits then eventually the debt will catch up to him.  Suppose a man meets a woman, impresses her with going out and gifts, and once married she finds out that he is broke and barely paying minimum payments on his credit cards.  I can imagine that she would feel mislead by him.  That can’t be good for the relationship.  Living within his means would have allowed him to avoid accumulating the debt and attracting women with whom he might be able to meet financial expectations.

If you do want to spend the money to impress your date, then consider taking care of your debt first so that you can pay cash for dating expenses in the future.  Consider filing bankruptcy to discharge the debt.  With the credit cards, pay day advance loans, and other high interest debt discharged, you should have more money to spend on recreation, including dating.  If money is still tight then consider creative but inexpensive dates.  Consider staying home and making her dinner, a picnic in the park, or if she is active then going for a hike.