Texas Bankruptcy Attorney Now Serving Murphy, TX

Stop Debt CollectionAre you facing a lawsuit, foreclosure of your home, or repossession of a vehicle in Murphy, Texas?  These types of debt collection activities can be scary.  We all need a place to live and without a vehicle we can’t work.  Even if your debt is not secured by property, such as credit cards, medical bills, student loans, and charge accounts, the endless phone calls from creditors, collection letters, and fear of being sued can make you lose sleep at night.

It’s Time to Do Something About Your Debt

I am a bankruptcy attorney.  I represent individuals in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.  These types of cases can be used to discharge or reorganize debt.  Many people are able to wipe out their debt with little or no repayment.  Bankruptcy can also be used to protect your home from foreclosure, stop vehicle repossession, and prevent garnishment of your bank accounts.

Clients often tell me that after filing their bankruptcy cases their lives are better.  Their telephone stops ringing.  They stop worrying that they will be sued.  Their stress-level drops and as a result they are happier.  Many of them tell me they don’t know why they struggled with their debt for so long.

Bankruptcy Consultations with an Attorney are Always Free

One of the reasons people delay in filing bankruptcy is because they thing it is expensive.  The reality is exactly the opposite.  I never charge new clients for meeting with them to evaluate their case.  If they decide not to file bankruptcy then they have lost nothing but a little time.

Those people who do decide to file bankruptcy with me find that I have very reasonsable rates and that I am easy to work with.  My clients never have difficulty getting me on the telephone.  I respond to their emails promptly, and make sure they are well-informed about the progress of their case.

Call me to Schedule a Free Meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

My law practice is built on client referrals.  I work very hard to ensure that my clients will be satisfied with the legal services I provide and send me their friends and family.  Bankruptcy is not the perfect solution for every situation.  If you do not need to file bankruptcy I will tell you so and try to give you a better direction for resolving your problem.  If bankruptcy is a good solution to your problems, then I can help.  Please call me, a Murphy TX bankruptcy attorney to schedule an appointment.